Helicopter Commercial Services

Precision Lifting

Heli A1 operates a range of aircraft and can complete precision lifting up to 1,300kgs; we can supply all the supporting equipment –Precision Lifting Heli A1 whether its graveling tracks, lifting water tanks, power poles or concrete. Our highly experienced pilots are experts in all types of lifting operations from accurately placing a rugby post to moving large amounts of gravel quickly and efficiently.

Helicopters offer an efficient use of time with nil impact to the ground below and the ability to move equipment/product into hard to reach places.

Sometimes a helicopter can be the perfect tool for smaller loads with less set up required and a longer reach than a crane.

  • Heavy lifting to 1,400 kgs
  • Load cell for pilot monitoring of external load weights
  • Cargo nets, swivels and strops
  • Dual concrete buckets for aerial concrete pours allowing a fast turnaround
  • Metaling buckets for track graveling
  • Electromagnetic Surveys

For all your commercial helicopter requirements

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