For precise helicopter spraying when you need it most, trust Heli A1 to deliver on time and on budget.

We pride ourselves on providing top quality heli services to our rural clients. With years of experience working in the agriculture sector, we understand the importance of completing tasks within a given timeframes.

Heli A1 uses state of the art equipment and years of industry experience to provide you the best solution for even the most challenging of problems. Our helicopters come with flow-control systems, TracMap GPS systems, boom isolate and the option of specialist Accu-Flow anti-drift nozzles, for those extra challenging jobs.

We offer a wide range of helicopter spraying services, including:

  • Pasture Spraying: We specialise in broadleaf and thistle weed control. Whether it’s an entire farm or tidying up a few paddocks, Heli A1 can help!
  • Scrub Spraying: Aerial scrub spraying is one of the simplest and most effective ways to easily add more productive area to your land. We can accurately and efficiently target gorse, blackberry, broom and many more pestilent plants.
  • Eczema Spraying: Declare war on facial eczema by completing an aerial spray of your farm during times of increased spore activity. Your livestock will thank you!
  • Liquid Fertiliser Spraying: With a wide range of products on the market, Heli A1 can assist in the application of several different liquid fertilisers including Agri-Sea, N-boost Nitrogen application, Zest-Biotech, Gibberalic Acid and more.
  • Native and Exotic Planting Area Spraying: Heli A1 are the experts when it comes to desiccation of smaller areas for planting without damaging the surrounding environment.
  • Wand and Spot Spraying: We have a unique wand that we use for accurately spot-spraying invasive species and pest plants growing amongst wilderness areas.

For accurate and effective heli spraying, get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote and find out how Heli A1 can assist you!



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