Locally owned and operated, based in the Waikato with an experienced team.

Since its establishment in 2005 by Davin Mudford, Heli A1 has built a solid reputation for high-quality service, safety and experience within the heli services industry, providing clients with the highest standard of work.  Our goal is to get the job completed to a point that it exceeds any expectations set by our clients.

While the Heli A1’s focus is servicing local agricultural, forestry and commercial companies we have been called upon to completed large project work not only in New Zealand but around the world.  This work includes a 3-month contract in Tonga building mircrowave towers, human-sling live-line powerline work, electromagnetic surveying around New Zealand and, most recently, providing pilots and expertise on the Gough Island Eradication project in the South Atlantic.

As one of NZ’s leading helicopter companies, Heli A1 is extremely fortunate to have a number of experienced pilots and highly trained crew who are proud of the service they offer to our many clients in New Zealand and around the globe


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