Bulk lime application by helicopter can be a cost-effective solution to raise the PH of hill country.

If you are looking to raise the pH of the hills and sidling that trucks cannot reach, bulk lime applied by helicopter is the solution. Rates from as little as 100kgs – 4000kgs per hectare. We can supply the lime, cart it and spread it!

We specialise in:

  • Ag Lime
  • Aerial Lime
  • Fine Lime
  • Granulated Lime
  • Cartage of all products


Ag Lime, Aerial Lime and Fine Lime

With buckets capable of dumping bulk lime quickly and efficiently, we assist in the application of all types of fine lime.

Granulated Lime

Heli A1 can supply Calciprill granulated lime from Omya in the heart of the King Country. Calciprill is a prill made from very finely ground high purity calcium carbonate. It can be applied to established pastures of crops at any time and is ideal for rapid pH adjustment.

Granulated Lime comes into its own when applied in sensitive areas as it contains less dust than other lime options.


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