Cost effective, quick and safe aerial surveying of difficult terrain or infrastructure.

Our wide range of helicopters enables you to find the perfect helicopter to carry out your survey requirements. Helicopters are becoming increasingly popular for surveying, as it is an extremely fast and efficient method of overlooking a vast area.

Common Heli survey tasks include:

  • Powerline Inspection
  • Rail and road surveying
  • Property development/purchase
  • Crop/plantation monitoring and health
  • Animal counting
  • Cell tower serving/maintenance

We have highly experienced pilots who operated in various surveying conditions. With twin and single engine helicopters available for surveys, Heli A1 can provide you with the most effective and suitable option for all of your aerial surveying and mapping requirements.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, heli surveys can also:

  • Reduce project timelines: Collect data in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ground surveying methods.
  • Minimise environmental impact: Helicopters can access areas with minimal disruption to the environment.
  • Improve safety: Eliminate the need for personnel to navigate hazardous terrain on foot.

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