Underslung buckets with a 1,200-litre capacity for firefighting.

Our Airbus AS350 “Squirrel” helicopters offer the perfect platform to complete firefighting operations at a moment’s notice. We also have the equipment to complete burn-offs to clear unproductive scrub to plant either pasture or numerous species of trees.


Our helicopters come equipped with collapsible bambi-buckets containing inbuilt Class A foam injection systems. Our pilots have 100’s of hours experience fighting fires throughout New Zealand.

We have a crew on standby 24/7 to assist in emergency work including firefighting.

Heli A1 is a Fire Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) approved operator.

Fire lighting

Fire lighting needs to be completed at the right time to be effective and this is where Heli A1 come in. Having completed burn-offs of both exotic cutover and scrub to make land more productive, our pilots can assist in planning, consents and completion of your burn.

For this work we use a firefly firelighter that has a cockpit controller for adjusting the flow rate of the fire lighting gel.


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