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We are passionate about our environment. Heli A1 and our team members have assisted with island eradication projects throughout New Zealand and the world. These operations rely on precision application in sometimes less than ideal conditions.

Most recently Heli A1 partnered with a South African helicopter company to provide eradication services on Gough Island in the South Atlantic.


With experience in planning eradication operations in some of the most challenging environments. We can assist in all aspects of island eradication operations from the feasibility, tendering right through to execution.

Entire Operation

It all begins with a plan. Let Heli A1 provide you with the resources to complete your operation. With our experience and knowledge, we can assist with the helicopter operations required for any eradication operation. From New Zealand based operations to remote islands 2,700km from the closest city…. we have it covered.

Pilot Hire

When you need a team player with perfectionist tendencies and a skill level to match, contact Heli A1. We know what is required to be an aerial eradication pilot and have access to suitable candidates both internally and externally.  For short- and long-term contracts. Worldwide.

Heli A1 is the first choice for all aerial pest control and eradication projects.


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