Taking care of your aerial fertiliser and topdressing requirements, from when the order is placed until it’s on the ground.

With the ability to fly above all terrain at a constant speed, fertiliser application with helicopters have become the ideal tool for applying product where accuracy and consistent coverage is necessary.

With Spreadmark tested application equipment we can accurately place your product on the most productive pasture while avoiding any unproductive land, making your dollars go further.

We have our own fleet of bulk trucks and automat trailers in NZ for cost-effective fertiliser cartage without the need to wait for subcontractors.

Phone our friendly team today with an order number and let us know when you want it – we will simply turn up and apply it! On time, accurately and without pasture damage.

Maximise your production with our heli services!

Heli A1 can help with:

  • Granulated product application eg, Urea, DAP, SOA
  • Granulated and bulk lime supply and application
  • Super Phosphate
  • PhasedN and other speciality products.


Talk to us today to see how we can help with your heli service requirements.

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