The Team


Davin Mudford

Managing Director – Chief Pilot

25+ years experience in the aviation industry throughout New Zealand.

  • Extensive experience in agricultural and forestry operations using DGPS systems
  • Fire fighting, precision lifting and survey work
  • Human Sling rating
  • Power industry - line stringing, survey and foundation construction

Davin is an elected committee member on the NZ Agricultural Aviation Association where he helps direct the industry to better practices.

He  brings professionalism, enthusiasm and passion to his role.


Susanne Mudford


Susanne brings her administration background to Heli A1. Susanne is a qualified legal executive and registered nurse. She works hard to ensure the company has access to all the required technology and equipment to complete jobs to the highest of industry standards.

Warrick Wright


Warrick has come to us from Northland, with a farming background and many years experience in the aviation industry he is a welcome addition to Heli A1.  Davin completed Warricks agricultural rating in 2013.  Since his time here he has completed over 1000 hours on agricultural and commercial work throughout the Waikato including assisting Tenix to restore power to remote locations after the Wanganui floods in 2015,  spraying pines for Dothistroma throughout the North Island and fire fighting for the Department of Conservation.

He enjoys seeing a happy customer so will always put his best foot forward when conducting any operation.

Alex Mudford

Pilot/Business Manager

Alex has immersed himself in the family business and is learning about the industry from the ground up with a focus on delivering excellent results to every client time after time.


Allan Murtagh

Quality Assurance Manager/Maintenance Controller.

Allan has a background in aviation and helicopter engineering he owned and operated his own helicopter company. Heli A1 has a rigorous, internal and external auditing system to ensure aviation industry standards are met and regulations complied with. This ensures that any Heli A1 client will receive the highest possible standards when engaging any of our helicopters.


Ground Crew

This hard working team is always keen and ready to get stuck in. They assist the pilot in getting the job done to a high standard! All ground crew have completed GROWSAFE, Approved handler and various forestry standards.

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