Safety & Compliance


Heli A1 has implemented a rigorous, internal and external auditing system to ensure aviation industry Helicopter Safety Sign - Heli A1 - Waikato standards are met and regulations complied with. This ensures that any Heli A1 clients will receive the highest possible standards when engaging any of our helicopters.

We are audited by many private, public and government owned companies every year and adhere to the same standards for any work we do.

Heli A1 is a certified part 135 and 137 operator this means that our company can carry out Air Transport, Commercial Transport, Aerial Work and Agricultural operations throughout the country.

We are a member of the AIA and also the NZAAA (New Zealand Agricultural Aviation Association).

Heli A1 holds GROWSAFE and Spreadmark certification as well as Aircare accreditation.


Heli A1 is committed to putting safety first in everything we do. Our Safety Management System ensures Human Sling - Safety - Helicopter Servicesthat before undertaking a job of any size or complexity, our crews anticipate potential hazards, assess those hazards, and implement appropriate risk mitigation measures.

We are proactive in further developing our safety culture by educating employees and having safety staff. We involve employees and customers in the continual improvement to our safety program.

Operating as a team, constantly adapting and developing our expertise, we strive to be at the forefront of our business by always remaining innovative and developing new standards within the helicopter industry – we do this and always put safety first.

All Heli A1 aircraft equipped with Spidertrack, aircraft tracking technology.


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