Helicopter Fleet


With a modern fleet of helicopters we are equipped to deliver excellence across a diverse range of operations.


Airbus AS350 B3 Forestry

The high-performer of the single engine helicopter market the AS350 B3 helicopter is designed to carry out demanding missions in extreme weather and geographical conditions. Exceptional lifting power, endurance and fast cruise speed makes it an ideal helicopter for all our operations.

• External load of up to 1,300 kgs
• Digital engine control for improved reliability, lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance
• Exceptional endurance and speed


 Airbus AS350 BA

The single engine AS350 BA “Squirrel” has an outstanding industry track record. IZZ Spraying AS350It is perfectly suited to a diverse range of operations including all agricultural work and passenger transport.

• Advanced, corrosion-free Starflex rotor system
• External load of up to 750 kgs
• 5-6 passengers


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