Completed Projects


Heli A1 completes a number of commercial projects every year – below is a number of different tasks we have been involved in to date.


Winter 2016 – (3 months) – Lifting in Tonga

We sent our AS350BA (IZZ) together with crew to complete lifting works in Tonga and transport operations for Digicel Tonga Limited.  The project involved lifting over 70 tonnes of tower structure and radio equipment from barges to two different sites.  As well as providing support to the Digicel crews while they completed the tower construction.  When we completed the project we were the first and only helicopter company to commercially work in Tonga, this in itself created a lot of challenges – but the project was successfully completed by our experienced team.



Summer 2016 – (3 months) – Power line Construction/Stringing

Using our AS350B3 (IUU) together with the side pull system we imported from Australia we successfully completed stringing of over 148 kilometers of conductor on Waipa Networks new 110Kv powerline starting at the Hangatiki substation and finishing at Te Awamutu.  By using the side pull we were able to pull the wire straight off the drum which enables us to string the wire further than conventional techniques reducing the number of joins – which reduces future maintenance on the line.  Contact us to learn more about this project.




Summer 2016 – Burger Fuel Promotion @ Waikato University

In the spirit of doing things bigger and better burger fuel approached us with a vision to wow the crowd with a stunt promoting themselves with the use of the helicopter. The burger drop was created!  Making this come to life involved working closely with Burger Fuel’s team so the stunt was completed safety and with the wow factor intact.

Check out the Burger Fuel video here 

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