Helicopter Agricultural Services


Truck and Fertiliser Conveyor - Aerial Topdressing - Heli A1With the ability to fly above all terrain at a constant speed topdressing with helicopters have become the ideal tool for applying product where accuracy and consistent coverage is necessary.

Phone our team with the order number and information of the area you would like covered and when you want it – and we will simply turn up and apply it! On time, accurately, without pasture damage.AS350 helicopter fertiliser - topdressing - Heli A1

Spreadmark testing completed on a wide range of products has proven the accuracy and consistency of our topdressing equipment at a variety of rates.

Products applied include;

  • Urea
  • DAP
  • Super Phosphate
  • Ammo/SOA
  • Ag Lime/Granulated Lime
  • Biological Mixes
  • Bulk lime

Pasture – Crops – Maize – Forestry

Contact us today the place an order!

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