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We pride ourselves in providing a number one aerial spraying service to our rural clients. We understand the needs associated with farming and the importance of completing specific tasks within the appropriate time frame. Applying chemicals or fertilizer is an expensive exercise and has to be cost effective.

Spot Spraying IMD - Helicopter Services - Aerial Spraying

At Heli A1 we have state of the art equipment including GPS, flow control, boom select, Anti-Drift nozzles and mixing tanks. This equipment helps us improve rates and accuracy of coverage while ensuring chemical solutions are completely mixed for 100% effectiveness.

We provide a wide range of aerial spraying services;

• Pasture Spraying
• Crop Spraying
• Spot Spraying
• Liquid Fertilizer
• Roundup Spraying
• Slurry Mixes
• Facial Eczema Spraying
• Scrub, Blackberry and Gorse Spraying
• Gibberalic Acid Spraying

Heli A1 can provide chemicals or they can be charged through your preferred supplier so you don’t have to worry about left over chemical sitting around and you are only charged for what you use.

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