GPS Technology

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All helicopters have Tracmap GPS systems.

Global Positioning Systems
With today’s costs of chemicals and fertilizer, it is very important to get maximum benefits from the application of these products.

Use of GPS ensures accurate placement of chemicals and fertilizers on the land.

GPS offers:
• Pin point accuracy of application
• Computer monitoring of flight lines
• Even application
• Complete application
• Fewer environmental concerns
• Plot printouts of exactly where applications were made

Proof of Placement

Tracmap Proof of Placement GPS - Heli A1 - Helicopter Services - Technology

GPS flightlines can be provided after the completion of a job.

Heli A1 uses the online Traclink job ordering and proof of placement system. Full PDF reports including GIS files can be provided for any job we complete at the clients request. Click here for more information on Traclink.

Flow Control Technology

Flow control is one of the reasons we can offer you some of the most accurate aerial chemical application in New Zealand. It ensures that you get the desired water rate over all the areas covered by the helicopter. As the aircraft speed increases the flow rate also increases keeping the rate per hectare the same and it works the other way as well.

Anti-Drift Nozzles

Anti-Drift nozzles have now become a standard requirement in forestry spraying and are highly beneficial for all agricultural work. They provide consistent droplet formation the key to accurate and dependable drift control. They are capable of satisfying nearly any required volume and product.  Heli A1 Ltd was one of the first operators to utilise this technology.

Anti-drift accu-flow nozzles - Heli A1 Limited - Quality - Technology

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